A Perfect Solution for a New Business Owner Who Needs a Website.

A Perfect Solution for a Business Owner Who Needs Their Website Enhanced. 


Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Diagram Designer, Copywriter

As I introduced myself on my home page, my name is Kimberly Laughlin.

We may very well have met previously through one of my services.
I am an Editor, Resume Writer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Copywriter who has established a few businesses that, I believe, all go hand in hand very nicely, and I am making them work AFFORDABLY for me and my clients.

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NOTE: You probably know the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” but no matter which service I am called to do, my clients praise me for my excellent work, professionalism, and caring attitude, among other things that they very much appreciate. Of course, anyone can claim all this, but all I know is that I hear it all the time, and it makes me love my job all the more.

The proof is in the footer of my website.

You can read more about how I got to this point on my ABOUT ME page.


I often use visuals, such as graphic ads and diagrams, to communicate about certain aspects of my services. 

According to

"Visual content is proven to help users digest complicated or detailed information more easily than text content. Plus, visual content is more memorable than other forms."

For this reason, visuals are a terrific way to get and keep your viewer's attention on what you are aiming to portray, with less page content to read through.

For example, I designed this ad to explain in detail what I do as a WEB DESIGNER.

WEB DESIGN RATES: starting at $100, right now ONLY $80!!!


I have established two main businesses: PEN IN HAND EDITING and KIMBERLY'S GRAPHIC DESIGNS, which I believe go hand in hand very nicely. And I have had it happen, for instance, that I get an editing client who is starting their own business and has an interest in my web design services, and vice versa.

My whole point is that I am able to integrate my businesses and the services that I offer into each website with links that will take the viewer directly to information about a particular service they may be interested in. I once had everything on one website, but decided it made for cleaner and more organized websites to separate and integrate them, making them less massive to navigate through.


Diagrams can be visually efficient tools for illustrating certain aspects of your business.

For instance, I integrate diagrams into my websites to illustrate such things as my customer service guidelines, my client project process, and my editing process. Rather than long, drawn-out text to explain it, a diagram sums it all up in one simple image. Of course, there are diagram templates and apps out there, but I prefer to design my own, making them more unique and appealing.

So, I custom design my diagrams according to what I would like to illustrate, and I can do the same for you.

Here are some of my Diagram examples:


I can take any illustration, photo image, or collection of information and turn it into a professionally diagrammed visual using:

UML • Venn • Bubbles • Directional Lines • ArrowsColor Coding • Descriptions and Explanations

—whatever is most appropriate for the material to be diagrammed.

Your DIAGRAM will be easy to read and comprehend for any audience.

Here are some of my Diagram Labeling examples: